Success Stories


“What my students think of me matters the most!”

Malea Schuiling,  

Founder of Monarca Linguistics (Featured in photo)


I have been working with Monarca Linguistcs for a few months and have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism of the staff and my results as a student. I have been really surprised by the progress I have made while working with my tutor!  I have had a great experience and would recommend Monarca to anyone looking for a language tutor."



Columbus, Ohio

"My son meets with Malea prior to Spanish tests. He went from getting D’s to high B’s. And his classroom work had improved to A’s. My son loves the way she makes the material easy to understand. She is amazing!!"


Westerville, Ohio

"Engaging and uses examples to explain. In the few times I have had Malea, I have been able to improve my understanding of materials and what is expected of me. I hope to continue to use her throughout this school year."


Blacklick, Ohio

"I am getting ready to move to Spain in a few months and Malea has been helping me get prepared. She created customized lesson plans to help me learn Spanish specifically to help me communicate while I'm in Madrid. She's extremely friendly and lessons are fun. I can already see vast improvement in my Spanish after just one hour sessions per week and some homework assignments in between. I highly recommend Malea if you are looking to improve your language skills."


Columbus, Ohio

"Malea was amazing from the first lesson. She knew where I needed to start and was so patient with me. I have so much fun with her every time and I am learning a great deal! With Malea I don't feel like I'm in class, but more with someone who genuinely wants to help me learn something. She is patient, understanding, knowledgeable and fun! I appreciate her so much and I am very grateful I stumbled upon a tutor that I could learn from."


Columbus, Ohio

"From the first session to my current session, Malea has demonstrated a calm and endearing demeanor. She is very good at disseminating information and finding ways to better improve your learning experience. In a short time I was able to conjugate verbs to writing and reading short sentences in spanish. Her energy and 'you can' attitude is infectious and for those who can appreciate that approach will find it very welcomed. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning another language. I guarantee you won't be disappointed."


North Olmstead, Ohio

"Great teacher and very nice!" Malea worked with our son for 1 month and he went from getting D&F's to A&B's.  She was very easy to work with. We are very pleased! Thank you!"


Westerville, Ohio

"Malea comes with great energy, a passion for the language and culture, and lots of fun new ideas to learn Spanish.  Thank you!"


Delaware, Ohio

Who We Are


Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

  • Professionally trained teachers and dance instructors 
  • Group classes available for adults as well as children ages 4-17.  Host a class in your home for a discounted rate.  Classes incorporate aspects of Latin American and Spanish cultures including language, cuisine, and dance
  • Spanish lessons for students of all ages, in your home or location of your choice  *Online lessons available
  • Latin Dance Lessons


Dedicated Educators and Interpreters

Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

  • Certified Spanish teachers that are devoted to making sure that every student reaches their goals while at the same time making tutoring sessions fun and inspiring
  • Experienced Spanish tutors that ensure your child excels and maintains honor roll
  • Highly qualified Spanish interpreters are available to ensure that a language barrier does not prevent a sale or prevent important information from being communicated to customers or staff


Our Passion

Spanish Language Instructors & Tutors

Our Passion

People!  We strive to provide our clients with the needed Spanish speaking skills to enhance their personal & professional lives.  We do so through Group Spanish Classes & Individual Lessons, as well as Online Spanish Lessons, Private Tutoring & Spanish Interpretation Services in Columbus, Ohio.  By helping individuals we help our community!